5 Tips to Create Viral Presentations with Best PowerPoint Alternative –Focusky

Nowadays many marketers try their best to create viral presentations to promote their businesses, especially for the start-ups. It is the most economical way to drive more profits to their online or in-store businesses in a lower cost. As is known to us all, PowerPoint has been regarded as the champion among all presentation software in the past decades, which devotes to create slide-to-slide presentations in a simple and clear way. However, we have to admit it fails to make our presentations go viral in minutes.

Fortunately speaking, now I am delighted to tell you that the best PowerPoint alternative Focusky can not only help you create stylish presentations with stunning 3D zooming, panning and rotating effect, but also enable you to make your presentations go viral in seconds. There are 5 tips for you to create viral presentations with this amazing presentation tool:

Tip 1: Animate your presentations with rich media contents

Creating animated, interesting and funny digital presentation contents is the precondition to make them go viral no matter what kind of presentation software you choose. Focusky allows you to present your digital contents with rich media including the images, slideshows, links, flash roles, SVG images, audios, YouTube videos, Vimeos and the more. You can add any animated contents in its simple drag-and-drop interface easily and quickly.

5 Tips to Create Viral Presentations with Best PowerPoint Alternative –Focusky

Tip 2: Add subtitle and voice narration to mimic real presentations

You are able to record your voice and add subtitles to deliver your digital presentations in this freeware. The mimic presentation environment will make your audiences more willing to finish your digital presentations.  In addition, you can customize your subtitles with WordArt effect as well, which will offer a great visual experience to your audiences.

Tip 3: Make sure your presentations are friendly to search engines

SEO-friendly digital presentations will make your presentations more easily indexed by popular search engines such as the Google, Bing, firefox, Safari and the more. So when you upload your presentations online, you are suggested to further modify their Meta descriptions including title, description, keywords and lables.

5 Tips to Create Viral Presentations with Best PowerPoint Alternative –Focusky

Tip 4: Create mobile-friendly business presentations

Your digital presentations can be published in 9 different formats in Focusky. When you upload them to Focusky online platform, you can directly read your business presentations on your mobile devices via nearly all web browsers. Of course, when you publish them in HTML5 web page, Mobile Type and Video format, they can be read on your mobile devices seamlessly as well.

Tip 5: One-click to share your presentations online for free

Once you publish your digital publication online, you can directly share them via email or social media (Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc) in just one or two clicks. In the meanwhile, when you publish your digital presentation in video format, you are able to share your video presentation via video websites including YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and the like.

5 Tips to Create Viral Presentations with Best PowerPoint Alternative –Focusky

With Focusky, you can create, publish and share your digital presentations with ease. In the meanwhile, zooming, panning and rotating your digital presentations on all your devices are just at your fingertips as well. So why not have a bold try at this free PowerPoint alternative and make your own stylish presentations right now?


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