AnyFlip – The Best Alternative Flip Book Maker to FlipHTML5

AnyFlip – The Best Alternative Flip Book Maker to FlipHTML5

I used to create my own digital flip books with FlipHTML5, which allows me to convert my static PDFs, images and MS documents into realistic flipping books in a breeze. Even though I am not a professional designer, I can create my own attractive flipping books with a well design. You don’t need to start your own works from scratch actually. What you need to do is to import your original PDFs into this software, choose the right template and scene, add rich media digital contents and finally publish them online and offline. To be honest, it is really simple and easy for everyone to complete this whole conversion.

Recently I discover another excellent flip book maker AnyFlip which is as simple and easy as FlipHTML5. With this software, you can create your flash and HTML5 flipping books easily which can be read on PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone and Android mobile devices. It has been regarded as the best alternative to FlipHTML5 for its user-friendly features.

Here is a simple video tutorial telling you how to create a page flip book with AnyFlip:

Flexible Importation

It is really easy for you to create your flip books from plain PDFs, images and MS documents either in its desktop publishing software or its online platform.  No need to worry your original PDF contents will be changed or deleted in the process of conversion. In addition, before converting them into page flip books, you can customize the following settings:

1. Decide whether to import single PDF or multiple PDFs at one time;
2. Customize the page size, quality and watermark;
3. Choose whether to import your original PDFs’ bookmarks and links, enable search, remove PDF bleed box and the more.

AnyFlip – The Best Alternative Flip Book Maker to FlipHTML5

Convenient Toolbar

Customizing the toolbar buttons makes it convenient to read, share and print your page flip books. To be more specific, you are able to add the following buttons in your reading toolbar:

1. Navigate your digital contents flexibly: Search First Page, Last Page, Previous Page, Next Page, Backward, Thumbnail and Language button;
2. Make reading experience more comfortable: Zoom, Sound and Annotation button
3. One-click to share your page flip books: Share button
4. Turn digital flipbooks into printed ones: Print button

AnyFlip – The Best Alternative Flip Book Maker to FlipHTML5

Powerful Edit Pages  

You can get rid of the plain PDF documents when you modify your digital contents with “Edit Page” feature. It allows you to make interactive and animated digital contents with rich media including open links, movies, YouTube/Vimeo videos, audios, image, sliders, flash, buttons, hotspots and the more. Taking the link as an example, you can

1. Add a link to connect your website, certain page in your flipbook, Popup video, YouTube/Vimeo Popup, Quiz and the more.
2. Customize the link color, opacity and size.

AnyFlip – The Best Alternative Flip Book Maker to FlipHTML5

Online and Offline Publishing

Whether to publish your page flip books online or offline, it totally depends on yourselves. It supports you to publish them in different formats:

1. Offline publishing: HTML, EXE (Windows), APP (Mac), CD/DVD, FBR, WordPress/Joomla/Drupal Plugin, FTP and Screensaver.
2. Online publishing: When you upload your page flip books online, you can directly share them via social media, email or QR code, embed them on your website or blog and manage them on AnyFlip online platform as well.

AnyFlip – The Best Alternative Flip Book Maker to FlipHTML5


All in all, AnyFlip  is regarded as an amazing alternative to FlipHTML5. Personally speaking, if you want to edit your flipbooks in a neater interface, then it could be another choice for you actually.

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