Presentation Software – The Best Partner for Engaging Public Speech

It has been a hot topic on how to make an engaging public speech. We have to admit that lots of factors play important role in delivering a successful public speech, such as the non-linear presenting way, interesting presentation contents, inspiring intonation and tone, appropriate body language of speakers and the more.  Here I would like to introduce wonderful presentation software for every public speaker to make interesting presentation contents and deliver engaging presentations on the spot.

There are 8 tips for you to create and deliver an engaging public speech with this presentation software:

1.  Amazing transition effect

Focusky enables you to present your presentation in a non-linear way with amazing transition effects including panning effect, zooming effect and rotating effect. Your audiences will appreciate this original presenting way compared with the traditional slide-to-slide PowerPoint presentation.

2.  Rich media presentation contents

You can enrich your digital presentation contents with rich media such as the shapes, images, texts, videos, flashes, charts, SVG, slideshows and the more, which will help you to captivate your audience’s attention easily and quickly.

Presentation Software – The Best Partner for Engaging Public Speech

3.  Cooling animation effect

Another way to animate your digital presentation is to add cooling animation effects for your digital contents. There are 4 animation effects you can apply in your digital presentation including entrance effect, exit effect, emphasis effect and action path effect.

4.  Add annotations

When you give your presentations on the spot, you can add different annotations (ellipse, line, rectangle, texts, etc) to further explain your points or highlight your points. Of course, deleting the annotations after presentation is just at your fingertip.

Presentation Software – The Best Partner for Engaging Public Speech

5.  Display sidebar button

When you show up the sidebar button in your digital presentation, you can easily control when to move to next page/previous page, decide whether to auto play your digital presentation, share your presentation via social media and email in just two clicks and the more.

6.  Background music

Adding appropriate background music in your presentation will help you to stimulate your audiences’ emotions and make them engage in your presentations. You can control the music volumes automatically and decide whether to auto-play the background music or not on your own.

Presentation Software – The Best Partner for Engaging Public Speech

7.  Countdown setting

You are recommended to “Enable” the countdown setting in your digital presentation, which can help you to arrange your time better in the process of presentation.  Just customize the countdown remaining time, position, color, opacity to ensure a comfortable visual experience.

8.  Encryption settings

You can protect your presentation from unauthorized view and revise by starting encryption settings. Just set the password to limit who can reach your digital presentations. If you worry to forget your password, you can add a password hint or hint link to get your password back.

Presentation Software – The Best Partner for Engaging Public Speech

In summarize, Focusky helps you to present your animated presentations in an interesting and awesome way. The unlimited canvas enables you to express all your ideas seamlessly. It has been proved the best partner for public speech presentations.  Just visit its official website to learn more about this free presentation software!

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