Which is the Best Magazine Maker for Digital Magazine Publishing?

Best Magazine Maker for Digital Magazine Publishing

Digital magazine is an important medium for businesses to build a close relationship with their readers. It is a great way for them to learn about your companies, services and products. In order to improve digital magazine publishing sale’s conversion rate, it is really essential for businesses to choose an appropriate magazine maker for creating awesome, informative and professional digital magazines.

With regard to the best magazine maker in the market, opinions vary from person to person.  Mobissue, FlipHTML5, Flippingbook and Joomag rank top in the discussion. In my opinion, there is not the best but the most appropriate magazine publishing software for businesses. I will conclude the pros and cons of the above software and help you to find out the software you need sincerely.

Comments on Popular Magazine Publishing Software

1. Mobissue – Mobile-friendly Magazine Publishing Software

Best Magazine Maker for Digital Magazine Publishing

★ Easy to use and perfect for beginners;

★ Be good at turning your PDFs/images into digital magazines with page-flipping effects for free;

★ Provide multiple options for users to publish digital magazines online and offline (HTML, EXE, ZIP, Burn to CD/DVD, Plug- in, etc);

★ Lots of multimedia (flashes, hotspots, buttons, videos, sounds, etc) you can use to enrich and animate your digital contents;

2. FlipHTML5 – HTML5-based Digital Publishing Platform

Best Magazine Maker for Digital Magazine Publishing

★ Totally free to convert PDFs/images/MS office documents to page-turning magazines;

★ Enable to directly sell digital magazines on its online platform;

★ Easy to share digital magazines via social media, email, QR code or embed them to website or blog;

★ Different version for users to choose: free, pro, gold and enterprise package;

3. Flippingbook – Digital Magazine Publishing Solution

Best Magazine Maker for Digital Magazine Publishing

★ Two options to create flipping books: online platform and offline desktop software;

★ Self-hosting available;

★ No need IT specialists to create professional flipping magazines;

4. Joomag – Online Magazine Publishing Platform

Best Magazine Maker for Digital Magazine Publishing

★ A free, complicated and professional digital magazine creation tool;

★ Lots of templates for users to start a digital magazine easily and quickly;

★ Be able to set a password for your digital magazines when delivering them online;

My Final Decision – Mobissue


As far as I am concerned, I would like to choose Mobissue as my own digital magazine publishing software. On the one hand, it allows us to easily turn our PDFs/images into digital magazines with lifelike page-flipping effect.

Here is a video tutorial showing you to turn PDF into animated page-flipping magazine:

On the other hand, it is a great tool for us to share our digital magazines worldwide in the meanwhile. To be more specific, Mobissue allows you to share our digital magazines via social media (Facebook, twitter, Google+, etc), which is the most economical and efficient way to make your digital magazines spread around the globe. Besides that, we can directly share them via email or scan their QR codes to read them on different mobile devices as well.

In short, we are totally free to finish the PDF to flipping magazine conversion with this software. Furthermore, it satisfies our need to publish our digital magazines online and offline, share them widely via social media, email and QR code and reach more potential mobile readers. So are you still hesitating to make your own wise decision?

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